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What is the keto diet?

The keto diet (ketogenic diet) is a plan that promotes for low carb, very high fat, and moderate proteins. Kinda like Atkins, but alittle more strict. You can have BACON CHEESEBURGERS, just not with the bun.  Butter is not bad!  When you limit your carb intake you put your body into fat burning more.


A keto lifestyle


It’s tough I know, but stay away from breads, pastas, starches and fruits. (well some fruits)


A keto diet (not to be confused with a low carb or vegan diet) needs protein. And I like alot of it. Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, bacon …. lots of bacon for me.


There are plenty of vegetables to get your high fat content from.


To Share With You

No one likes to diet, I don’t. I didn’t like being hungry all the time, and cranky and spending all my free moments thinking about food. Of course I wanted to look and feel my best, so I had to change.  Change the way of thinking of food that is … enter the Keto Lifestyle.  Keto isn’t just a diet, it’s a fantastic life change to healthy eating and positive energy.

Don’t diet … eat right.


You’ll find meals that the whole family will enjoy, even if they aren’t on keto you can add the goods.  In a pinch these Keto Dinner Recipes are sure to impress.


Light lunch or heavy lunch, eating one meal a day? Here are some tasty lunch options that will hit the spot. Even some eating out guides.


Eggs, eggs, eggs …. well not really. Just because they are the staple of a keto breakfast, it doesn’t have to be your only choice!  Flavored coffee!!!

Eating out guide

Yes you can eat out.

Keto Products

Review items to help your journey.


Watch along as I cook keto.

Keto Lifestyle

Living the keto life guide.

"You can't live like that" they told me.

Jokes on them.  I look younger, thinner, I have more engergy than every single one of those humans told me.  And I eat out alot!!

For delicious and satisfying low carb and keto recipes, you've come to right place.

If you’re looking to lose weight, feel amazing, and eat some of the best food you’ve ever tasted – you’ve come to the right place.  Except my mom, she likes carbs.

I love coffee, shakes and smoothies. WAIT ... what!?

Yeah, I got tips and tricks for flavored coffee, iced coffee, smoothies, shakes and even popcycles.


Shop Online

For some of the best keto products online, look no further.  During my two year journey through the good, the bad, and the terrible tasting. I have have found a few things that really helped.  Some may not help you, and some things I didn’t like, you might.  Take a look.

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